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I was very frustrated at not being able to walk, or even do my job due to the intense pain down my leg. In just 3 treatments Zak was able to get rid of the pain. It¹s been almost a year now, I¹m still pain free and able to enjoy my walking


Ron & Sara

My husband and I had started trying to conceive for long time by July of 2006 we knew something just was not right. we started considering another avenue of medicine. Acupuncture was the only other logical thing to try. So in May of 2007 I contacted Zak and made my first appointment with him. At our first meeting Zak ,sat with me and gathered information about my history and my present situation as well as some information about the results of my western medicine tests. He found I have serious lower back pain and lower abdomen pain  which may affect my infertility.I started my acupuncture therapy with Zak the following week. My sessions focused not only on my infertility but balancing other things in my life like stress and lower back pain. I am happy to report that on July we found out we were pregnant. So after 2 month of acupuncture therapy Zak helped make our dreams come true.


City, State

I play soccer every week and my ankles take a beating. After three weeks of pain I decided to call Zak Han. I aslo continued to play soccer thru the pain. I want to make it clear. I did not want to stop playing soccer. After three treatments with Zak the pain was gone. I just want to say thank you to Zak Han  for keeping me out on the field.


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